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Watch, bet, and withdraw – all with TMTplay Casino. Jump into action to predict The French Open results, guess which European team is going to seal the Champions League title, or venture into other sports that leave you in awe. TMTplay makes the best online sports gambling possible with non-stop excitement and wagering options. Whether you have a knack for betting continuously on different types of results or thinking about where to start, we’re thrilled to have you!

Unbeatable sports betting ranges for multiple sports

Every sports enthusiast has unique preferences when it comes to betting. But whether you fancy the widest ranges or stick to your time-tested bet type only, our betting lines for sports are for you. From the world-shaking leagues to minor games, they cover whatever you want to bet on to call it your lucky day. You can have a winning edge for totals, props, and stats, not to mention the ultimate tournament champions and game winners.

The best things are happening now

Don’t hesitate to show your pulse-pounding excitement for live sports betting with TMTplay. Live action exemplifies the thrill of the unfolding game and keeps you at the edge of your seat as you watch it and place your wagers in real time.


Our Live section encompasses a bazillion fixtures, letting you bet on your favorite teams and players here and now. With up-to-the-second updates, you’ll never miss a beat to turn your sports knowledge into cold, hard cash!

Did you say withdrawals and bonuses?

Your winnings should be yours – and nobody else’s. At TMTplay, we’ve taken the complexity out of our withdrawal process to arrange it into a step-by-step experience that every bettor can easily follow. It takes a few clicks to securely transfer your funds and celebrate your victories with cash in your hand. 


To reward players, we are dedicated to pumping out bonuses and promotions. Here’s what you can do to grab some: 

  • Bet on sports online and regain your money with our daily offers.
  • Withdraw your lucky bets with Bitcoin to qualify for extra bonuses.
  • Don’t miss out on cashback promos for 25% or 35% of your money back. 
  • Boost your betting power with the new bonuses we roll out every month.

Living the sports betting dream

What is exciting doesn’t have to be money-draining. Make your bets into a profitable endeavor while using smart wagering tactics and the best sports betting venue holding a PAGCOR license. TMTplay encourages you to adopt reserved behaviors and rational decisions with a complete understanding of possible outcomes. On our side, we guarantee your experience is safely regulated and fair in terms of odds and bonuses. Your winnings are never locked in, and your data is never exposed.


Make every sports event more enjoyable with TMTplay Casino. Switch between Regular bets and Live sports betting online and take the leap to get your hands on tangible rewards. TMTplay accepts bets around the clock and sets the uptime bar at 99.99%.